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Play Therapy

Our Play Therapist uses various play techniques to observe and gain insight into your child's problems and supports the learning of coping mechanisms!


What is Play Therapy?

A developmentally appropriate, evidence-based method of counselling younger clients.


Children can play out, literally and/or metaphorically, their inner and real life experiences in a way that builds insight and capacity.


Play therapy allows children to express, regulate, communicate, practice and master new skills as well as their emotional responses. 

Commonly addressed in Play Therapy

Commonly Used Play Techniques

  • Water play

  • Role-playing

  • Sand play

  • Puppets, stuffed animals

  • Masks

  • Dolls, action figures

  • Arts and crafts

  • Blocks and construction toys

  • Dance and creative movement

  • Musical play

  • Story telling

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