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How much does my child understand?

Written by Charmaine Kwok

A child's understanding of speech, sometimes also referred to "receptive language", refers to a child’s ability to understand and comprehend what they hear. Typically, young children are able to understand more than they are able to express. Hence, it is important to build their understanding skills so as to support the development of their talking skills.

Receptive language skills are important for:

  • Following instructions

  • Answering questions

  • Identifying objects and pictures

  • Reading comprehension

  • Understanding a story

  • Accessing curriculum and understanding school work


At what age should your child be able to understand some of these? Click here to see some typical receptive language milestones that you might find helpful to track your child’s growth and development and here are some ways to learn more about how to help your child understand instructions at home!

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