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Master in Counselling (Specialisation in Family Therapy)


Drawing upon a wealth of experience and a profound commitment to nurturing emotional well-being, Shan Shan has been the steady anchor for school children and young adults. She equips them with essential tools to navigate the complex terrain of emotions and personal growth. Shan Shan fervently champions a holistic approach that places significant emphasis on the value of parental engagement. She engages proactively with parents, establishing robust family connections that are crucial for the social and emotional growth of children.

While traditional individual interventions are effective as an approach; Shan Shan would often integrate the different modules of art such as sand, play, colour and clay to establish connections and facilitate the healing process with children

Besides direct counselling, Shan Shan has a knack for engaging audiences of all ages. She is experienced in delivering workshops addressing children and youth’s common concerns. These interactive sessions empower not only the children themselves but also their parents, educators, and the wider community.



  • Provisional clinical member (PCM) with the Singapore Association for Counselling (SAC)

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