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M.A Early Childhood Special Needs

(Teacher College, Columbia University)

Post Graduate Certificate in Play Therapy (APAC)


Raine believes that a child is able to learn most and heal effectively when given a supportive and caring relationship with their families and those in their community. She sees that every child is unique and has strengths which need to be acknowledged and cultivated through therapeutic intervention. She is a strong advocate of the power of play - both for learning and self expression. Being a parent herself, Raine hopes to empower parents in supporting their child’s development and healing journey.


Raine began her career as an early childhood educator and has always been passionate about inclusive education. She has worked with children with  developmental needs in the US, London and Singapore. In 2008, she was awarded with a scholarship from the International Student office and completed her Master of Special Needs Early Childhood Education from Columbia University, Teacher College, New York. 


Upon returning to Singapore, Raine worked in early learning and intervention programs where she oversaw aspects of curriculum development, program quality as well as teacher training. She was involved in spearheading the National Early Intervention program within a network of childcare centres.


As strong proponent in the power of play, she has used the medium to support children with anxiety, anger, depression or other social emotional and behavioural difficulties arising out of their developmental needs. She is a firm believer of continual professional development and has received training in the following: 


  • Certificate in Therapeutic Play Therapy ,

  • Social Thinking – Developing Social Understanding and Problem Solving in Individuals with Social Challenges

  • Neuro Dramatic Play

  • Social Stories

  • Mediated learning experience for learning support

  • Signpost Training For Positive Behaviour

  • Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA)

  • Certificate in Autplay

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