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My Child Is Not Speaking!

Written by Charmaine Kwok


My child is two years old and does not seem to be saying many words yet - should I be worried?


Toddlers are inquisitive little ones. They learn to walk, talk, and explore their surroundings with curiosity from a very young age. They are constantly learning and absorbing the sounds, words, phrases, and sentences we use in our daily conversations. 

They attach different meanings to different sounds by listening to our tone of voice, and observing our facial expressions and gestures.


While most children develop at their own unique pace, by the age of 2, most children are able to:


  • ​Respond to their name

  • Follow 1-2 step instructions 

  • Point to make a choice between 2 items or point to request 

  • Copy your actions and words

  • Show interesting things to you

  • Have a range of vocabulary e.g. object names, actions, and descriptive words

  • Combine 2 word phrases e.g. mama look!

If you have any concerns about your toddler not achieving any of the above, please do not hesitate to approach our friendly therapists for a consultation. 

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